Reflection & The Eyes of Elias

John Hargreaves reads these chapters from The Christian Science Revolution in Thought which are presented on one CD or as an audio download in MP3 format.

Reflection (30 minutes)
It is seen that reflection, far from being a separate entity from God, is actually constituted of the Mind that does all the reflecting. Man therefore has no capacity of his own, any more than the image in a mirror, but shows forth all his parent-Mind is knowing and being. Reflection is the spiritually mental activity of the divine Mind. Man is that activity: he is not a reflector.

The Eyes of Elias (23 minutes)
Elias is defined in Science and Health in part as “Christian Science with which can be discerned the spiritual fact of whatever the material sense behold.” Since the capacity to discern resides in Mind, and there is nothing to discern but this Mind-manifest, what appears as an inversion of the truth is a wrong perspective, or point of view, and not an alternative to the truth. Spiritual discernment is not engaged in struggle or alternatives.

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