John Hargreaves

The Science of Spiritual Reflection, My Glorious Subjective Universe & The Indivisibility of the Infinite

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The Science of Spiritual Reflection (2 CDs)

In this recording John explores the word “reflection” and the image of the mirrored reflection, both of which give rise to misunderstanding. As John explains, reflection can only be understood from the standpoint of its original. Only that which stands in front of the mirror can see the image.

In the Introduction, he discusses the evolution of thought over the last 300 years up to Mrs. Eddy’s discovery of Christian Science.  He then explores the oneness of God and man and the fact that, “… the only capacity to know belongs to the “all-knowing” Mind.  Man, or reflection, is not a knower.”  He builds on the theme that “That which constitutes yourself has to be Mind knowing itself, and nothing else”.

Only Mind, God, can know man. There is no inherent capacity in image, reflection. Science demands the jettisoning of time-honored attempts to understand reflection from the standpoint of personal sense, and a new and revolutionary outlook in order to see reflection as it is.

Disc One
1 The Absolute and The Relative
2 Introduction
3 Scientific Reflection
4 Know Thyself
5 Indivisible Reflection

Disc Two
1 God and Man
2 The Wholeness of Reflection
3 The World Stage
4 The Restfulness of Reflection
5 Completeness
6 His Shining Light (Poem)

My Glorious Subjective Universe (1 CD)

John Hargreaves regarded  “My Glorious Subjective Universe” as one of his most important long articles.  This elaborates on Mrs. Eddy’s foundational concepts that are essential to the understanding of Christian Science.

In the article, John focuses on each word of the title and shows that the universe is, here and now, the glorious and subjective experience of the one Mind, the only I or Ego. He explains that, consequent to the understanding of this true state, the problems of mankind are not just alleviated but fade out, and that this fading out of misconception is all there is to what appears as healing.  The article is very direct and easy to understand.

The Indivisibility of the Infinite (2 CDs)

The infinite and indivisible nature of God and man requires a totally new assessment of what these terms mean, and an equally total departure from all finite, theological interpretation of either. The terms of reference for Deity (God present as God-manifest) are in such words as allness, oneness, indivisibility, and universality. Mind does not stop being Mind by becoming Mind-manifest. All is Mind being Mind, Life being Life, Love being Love and so on. This ‘all’ constitutes the one Ego and its Ego-man. No personal, divided, finite sense of being entered this all. Man lives as the conscious identity of being — that is, as all that makes Mind conscious of what it is, but this identity if found in Mind only.

In this reading, John deals with the oneness of man as the likeness of the oneness of God, and the consequent preclusion of all personal sense. He explores the true meaning of individuality, and exposes the illusory nature of that which appears as a mortal. He describes the only way in which what is termed ‘mankind’ can be improved, and uncovers the essential divinity of all that appears as humanity.

As a consequence of the indivisibility of good, we find the correlative indivisibility of what is called evil which, in turn, is reduced to illusion, suggestion, and a limited or false viewpoint.

Disc One
1 The Oneness and Allness of God
2 The One Ego
3 Man As Conscious Identity
4 The One Man
5 No Multiplicity In Expression
6 The Myth Of Personal Sense

Disc Two
1 A New Dimension Of Experience
2 True Freedom Experienced
3 No Otherness
4 Christian Science Versus Mental Science
5 Christian Science Mind Healing
6 Radical Reliance
7 I Am All