John Hargreaves

Presentations to a Seminar in Los Angeles on Christian Science


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In 1999, John Hargreaves was invited to present insights on Christian Science to a seminar in Los Angeles. John’s remarks were intended to stimulate discussion in each of the seven sessions.

He starts with an explanation of Christian Science as a “new perspective” rather than a religion and challenges thought to leave the old goalposts of educated beliefs or conventional perception and religion. He takes each of the next six subjects — including “Church” and “Christian Science Mind-Healing” — to reveal the truth of these ideas as seen from this new perspective.

The progressive unfolding of what IS, is not a factor of an improved material sense of things but IS the divine Mind shining through the mists of ignorance, melting them and revealing a clearer, freer, happier and healthier awareness of what already exists as Mind’s idea.

John’s remarks at the seminar are published for the first time in this booklet, except for the remarks for Sessions 5 and 6, which are also published in Monitoring My Universe in separate articles by the same names.