John Hargreaves

Church Universal and Triumphant


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This audio program by John Hargreaves, is based on the chapter in his book, The Christian Science Revolution in Thought.

Church Universal and Triumphant

The one Church is defined in part as “the structure of Truth and Love”. This structure of thought “rests upon and proceeds from divine Principle”. Nothing proceeds from this divine Principle but the divine Mind’s own thought, and so the only church is a spiritually mental structure, consisting not of persons with personal minds, but thought that proceeds from the Principle, or first cause of the universe. In this sense it would be correct to say that the terms “Church” and “man” are really synonymous.

This talk is especially meaningful for those who are concerned about events today that seem to point toward a diminishment of “Church” when church seems to be needed more than ever. As always, John’s insights are firmly based on the Bible and Mrs. Eddy’s writings.