Letters from John Hargreaves

Since 2006, MP has been collecting letters that John sent to those around the world who asked him for CS help.  More than 1,000 letters, written by John over nearly four decades, were provided to us by the recipients.

After organizing the best, editing out personal references and creating the graphic files for printing, the two-volume paperback set is now shipping.

We believe readers will conclude that this collection represents some of John’s finest work.  The letters are substantive, insightful and inspiring.  They reflect his total dedication to the writings of Mrs. Eddy and are replete with citations to her work.

The eBook version includes both volumes.

Each time you visit this page you’ll see a random letter from John Hargreaves. We hope you’ll come back often.

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    God so enjoys what He is saying, for it is the Word saying to the darkness on the face of error, I AM ALL.

    God speaks the words of God. I love the Anglican prayer: “O Lord, open thou my lips that my mouth shall show forth thy praise.” (See Ps. 51:15)

    Psalm 66:16-17 and Psalm 139:9-14 give this sense of God as the speaker and man as the speaking.

    Mind speaks to itself, presents Itself to Itself. There is no personal sense. Enjoy this!

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eBook $8

Crown of Rejoicing is a collection of  32 letters from a file John kept over the years. Each one contains special metaphysical points he felt might otherwise be lost, and which he held as scientifically significant.