Mulberry Press eBooks are intended to be used with eBook readers using the open ePub standard. They work with iPhone and iPad as well as other eBook readers such as Kobo and Bookeen.

Android users can download a choice of eBook apps from the Google Play.

The Kindle reader uses a proprietary format that is incompatible with the ePub standard. Send EPUB to Kindle provides a free conversion service.

Apple computers now come with a compatible built-in eBook reader called iBooks. You can also read our eBooks on a Windows PC provided you download a free eReader app such as the Icecream eBook Reader or Kobo for Windows.

Amazon’s Kindle appnow supports the ePub standard and is available for iOS, Mac, Android and PC.

The easiest way to use our eBooks is to open your acknowledgement email on the device that you intend to use and just click on the download link.