John Hargreaves

John, a British citizen, was born in South Africa and educated in England at Eton. He joined the British Army in World War II, and served as one of the youngest commissioned officers in the Rifle Brigade in Northwest Europe and, later, in Kenya during the Mau Mau troubles. His military service included periods with Intelligence. He retired from the Army in 1956 and joined IBM United Kingdom, serving on its Board of Directors. He was a leader in public and community affairs and helped to develop many national and international educational and community organizations.

In 1976 he retired from IBM and resigned from a number of other director-ships, as well as political, educational, and voluntary appointments, to give his full time to the practice of Christian Science. He was first listed as a practitioner in the Christian Science Journal in 1979 and maintained a worldwide practice. John contributed many articles to the Christian Science periodicals and served on the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. He was a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist London where he served as First Reader.

  • They Shall Be All Taught of God

    Book $25

    eBook $20

    John was asked frequently by patients and friends to discuss with them the 24 questions and answers that comprise the chapter “Recapitulation” in Science and Health.  This book arises from the countless talks with those with whom he has had contact, in the course of which he suggested pointers that might help individual study.  This book collects the insights that proved to be inspiring and helpful to those asking for him to share his perspectives based on his in-depth study of Mrs. Eddy’s writings.

    Paperback edition.

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  • Letters from John Hargreaves

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    Since 2006, MP has been collecting letters that John sent to those around the world who asked him for CS help.  More than 1,000 letters, written by John over nearly four decades, were provided to us by the recipients.

    After organizing the best, editing out personal references and creating the graphic files for printing, the two-volume paperback set is now shipping.

    We believe readers will conclude that this collection represents some of John’s finest work.  The letters are substantive, insightful and inspiring.  They reflect his total dedication to the writings of Mrs. Eddy and are replete with citations to her work.

    The eBook version includes both volumes.

  • As “I” See It

    Softcover Book $12.50

    eBook $10

    The Scientifically Spiritual Perspective

    This last full-length book by John Hargreaves provides a wonderful introduction to Christian Science as well as those who are searching for new insights and understanding. John’s writings have brought great joy and help to thousands of readers all over the world.

    Paperback edition. 285 pages.

  • The Christian Science Revolution in Thought

    Softcover Book $25

    eBook $20

    Many readers feel this is John’s most remarkable writing. This presents a distillation and synthesis of the ideas included in John’s many Association addresses and other writings. One theme of the book is that the study of Christian Science can only be perceived from a totally new framework of perception as Science and Health says, “The divine Principle of the universe must interpret the universe.” (272:28-29)

    New paperback edition. 347 pages plus 19 page index with nearly 700 entries (new to this edition). Available without index as an eBook.